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Summertime - text


It’s time to go
It’s time to shake
The ocean shore
From the heart of winter
Rise in the air
Canned zombies
In southbound plane

Naked chicks
Pregnant men
The face of invasion
In the southern land
“All inclusive” days
And sleepless nights
Here we come
For Summertime

Big blue sky - Summertime
Sunshine rain is falling down
Golden sand - open car
Breathe the moment - Summertime

Give up you work
Put your troubles aside
Switch off the net,
TV and mobile
Spend all your money
In duty free
And let your soul fly
Above the sea

Forget about laws
Forget about rules
Someone swimming face down
In the hotel pool
This song is so pretty
But it’s so hard to find
Necessary words
About summertime

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