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Cry Of Lost Children - text


All have been forsaken
Who will stand up, fight for our tomorrow
I will take the hard stance
Still shining bright in this desolate black
All have been forsaken
So coalesce, league of the first born
I will take the hard stance
Still shining bright in this desolate black
Some thing is after me
Search and destroy all the lives of the past
And of my generation
We are all the enemy so chose your battles well
Opposition will only betray us
I rise above for the city of lost children
Valuable hearts are forgotten, torn, torn
If I back down for your fear of my conviction
Then we all lose not the battle, war, war
Embrace the one who will stand for us till the end
All are forsaken by the world
We though forgotten are not alone
League of the first born
Darkness surrounds will it swallow you
Or take his hand and we will rise to our feet
Who do you think is going down
When you stick the pistol to your face
And say its pointed at me
So I will stand for all the broken ones
For all the cities, the lost children
Weight of the world is pressing down
But I will press back
I will press or martyr
Darkness, violence, bleeding, lost, fall
We are all
Still shining bright in this desolate black

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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