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The Native Eye - text


If there's some bustle and it's in you head
And it's all about that man over there
Well he's a person from your western world
And he's fat and he's white
And he's got it all
Hey man nice Sulu yeah you look the part
With your shells hanging down
On your fat gut
Give the man a Cocktail
Yeah give him some lunch
And a banana lounge to plant his arse

We're all so different
Though we seem the same
Through the native eye we look so vein

Well he knows Fiji yeah he knows it well
He's spent two long weeks in this hotel
Give him some Kava watch him drink it down
And if it tastes like shit he'll tell you aloud
Bula Vinaka is his Native tongue
Through a narrow mind his travelling's done
Good luck my fat friend
Yeah but watch your mouth
You may offend someone somewhere
Its not allowed

On my adventures I will open my eyes
And I'll open my mind to suck inside
Any foreign culture I can possibly cram
I'll give respect to the people
And respect what they have

Text přidala Dakira

Video přidala Dakira

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