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Lives In The Book - text


I've seen so many people
Tripping on their feelings
Tripping on their times
Taking things for granted
Taken by surprise
In life we will not be stable
Until we find our hearts

Choices make us able
Two tries to stand in line
I see these things
I watch these minds
I'm speaking but I am not yet old

All the healing and stealing
Of lives in the book
And all the cancer and answers
That never got a look
And all the wholesome little notions
That narrow minds mistook
Well I am wondering
But I am not yet old
And I do not yet know a thing

Choices come at me
I won't die I won't die today
And life will remain
Choices come at me
I may die I may die today
And life will remain just the same
Or somewhere in between
An old man's mistakes
And a small boy's dreams

Text přidala Dakira

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