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The Sound Of Hunger Rises - text


Ne aveas Mortem
Non dat is pacem
In enim morte
Sciemus morsus
Quos reliquimus

Just as he came
So he shall go
In woe, in pain, in poverty

Have you ever felt this way before?
Can you feel the power surging through your soul?
And once it’s over, you’ll want more
Can’t you see it’s what the earth is for-

Can you hear the sound of hunger rise?
We could bring an end to all those mournful, helpless cries…

Take then good heed
Heed To your end
For as I say
So it shall be

We, the paragons of creation
We, the arbiters of change
Was this not the dream we shared
When we were young and unafraid?

Text přidala Richenza

Video přidala Richenza

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