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Kiss And Tell - text

You talk with your tongue tied
And speak with your eyes
Words could never reveal
What your keeping inside
It's in the way you brush your hair
Turning your face like I'm not there
You say there no secrets that you hide
But we both know that it's a lie
Under the streetlights and the palms
I thought I'd change your mind today
But even when you're close
You're pushing me away
It's all in your touch
The taste and the smell
It's all in the way you kiss and tell
It's falling apart
I'm black and I'm bruised
I'm always alone when I'm with you
Your lips are like sunburn
But your hands are cold
Whatever lies behind your smile
I don't want to know
If I could slip inside your skin
Would you let me in again
Holding me up while you're pushing me down
You're screaming it out but you don't make a sound
Cruel intentions in disguise
Say what's on your mind
You're body's aching with denial

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