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[Hook: Lil Wyte]
Yeah Ho, I can see you haters looking
I really ain't a killer, but it ain't gonna take much pushing
Yeah Ho, When I aim in your direction
You better get to moving cause I'm clearing out your section
Yeah Ho, I told em please don't make me do it
I got that 40 on me shawty please don't make me shoot it
Yeah Ho, I told em please don't make me do it
I got that 40 on me shawty please don't make me shoot it
[Verse 1: Lil Wyte]
I know you see us when we walk in
We hear your bitches talking
That ho be all over my Facebook and Twitter fucking stalking
You take up for that bitch
And get your mothafucking ass kicked
Them Wyte Music Head Hunters wrapped folks in plastic
The 40s on me homie don't make me fucking shoot it
Cause once I get to popping off, I might mothafucking loose it
H.C.P. till I D.I.E. Yeah Ho I'm the underboss
I run this shit in or outta town
And from my view I don't see no loss
[Verse 2: $hamrock]
Yeah Ho, It's Young Irish I'm off the chain
Yeah Ho, Wyte & Partee put me in the game
Yeah Ho, I be on the stage with E & Ace
Miscellaneous right beside me we ain't the ones you wanna try and ride on
Yeah Ho, this that Wyte Music Select-O-Hits
We getting money green and getting checks, we doing this
Yeah Ho, the white rapper show got em going schizo
Big boy on a track like this so many hits we pulling kick dough
[Verse 3: Lil Wyte]
Yeah Yeaaaah
It's me and $hamrock in this bitch
Wyte Music is in this bitch
Who woulda knew all this would come from listening to some Triple 6
I load guns, get ready for some Armageddon
Once a month Paul always told me don't know when some shit might pop off
So keep your gun, yeah
It's dangerous in Memphis and we the most deadliest ones
You can come in this bitch and try your luck
But I'm telling you it won't be fun, bitch
I run this, I claim this
Legendary and famous
Better get the fuck up out your section
That is where I'm aiming, bitch

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