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The One And Only - text


Mother fuckas my name is Lil Wyte
Make it out the frame super tight
They got something to say I just might
Have to express myself freely damn right
Becuase Ive been makin this music
And been getting this cheese
All the record companies still dought me
But one of these days they gonna see
That he's standing on top looking down
I don't need you hand outs right now
I'm at the top of my game with connections to shut you out
And I always hypnotize minds
And also fuck with tha theropy
Hey Sizzle wyte boy, and be chillin with my homie big E
And I forget about Gang green
Would a weedless gang disagree
This is my year 2007 and im gonna dominate the sceen
I got some good shit up my sleeve
And I got that good kush In my lungs
Got that brown Liquor in my stomach and acid drops on my Toung, Yeaa....

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The One And Only

Lil' Wyte texty

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