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Talkin' Ain't Walkin' - text


[Chorus: x2]
Haters Talking But Haters Ain't Walking
Into This Fucking Fire
These Haters Ain't Walking Into This Fire
Slap That Sucka Bitch
Slap That Sucka Bitch
Slap That Sucka Bitch
Slap That Sucka

[Verse 1:]
Yeah They Call Me Lil Wyte
I'm Back Out On The Grind
I'm Drinking Everyday
I'm Smoking On Some pine
I Gotta Do It Big Until The Day I Die
You Cool With Me In My Face But A Hater In disguise (What)
You Can Git slapped down
When I'm In your Town
Popping Off Some Rounds
When I'm On That crown
We Usually Pull Up Slow With Lights Off An Guns Drawn
Everything About To Go You Ain't No Hood Good So Go Home
Take It Easy They Don't Want Shit Except your Life
They'll Even Take A Small Bribe Some Coke An your Wife
You Should've Thought About Circumstances, Repercussions And Consequences
But you Didn't Now you're Swimming Somewhere In The Mississippi.

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2:]
I Ain't Gonna Nowhere I've Been Chilling In The Same Cut
Smoking On The Same Blunt
Feeling On The Same Butts
Still Fuck With The Six Still Roll With Some Killers
Still Hang With A Big Click An Kick It With Drug Dealers
So What you Wanna Do
I Can Have your Whole Crew
Hogtied buried alive Underneath The Swimming Pool
But No I'm Not An Evil Dude
Fact I'm Pretty Fucking Humble
400 Thousand Records Independent Can't My Stomach Bubble
An I'm Just Getting Started Pimping
You Ain't Seen Retarded Pimping
Fuck It I'll Be Modest To be I'm The Fucking Hardest Pimping
I Can Spit It Hard This Year Yet Horrific At The Same Time
Can kill you Bring you To Life And Get you high With The Same rhymes.

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3:]
OK you ask me how I do it I call it White Boy Magic
I'm Not The Only One with it I Just Flash it with A Passion
I've Been missing in action but Now I'm Back White Rappers Betta Duck And Hide
And For All The Haters I Have Arrived So Guard your Grill And adjust your Eyes
Smoke On Keep Cheffing
I Ain't Trying To Ruin your Weekend
But I'll Fuck your Mother and Show You The Real Meaning Of Beefin
I've Been Grinding while you're whining
I Be Shining Like A Diamond
You thought this dirt would still be worthless if I was a realter building dollars
But Keep your Head Up I Wasn't Trying To Destroy your Dreams
Like Katt Wiliams Said It's All Good Pimping you Can Hate on me
The More you Talk The More It Lets Me Know I Walk
I Do It Fly
So Keep your Mouth Open Running It At all Times Motherfucker.

[Chorus: x2]

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