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Supply & Demand - text


[Chorus 2x]
My supply and demand [4x]
I move dope from my hand to yo hand [2x]

[Verse 1]
Call me the pusherman, the pusher pusherman
I move work from my land to your mutherfuckin hand
And its good great never runnin' late
Always in the hood dump truck full of weight I'm straight (I'm straight)
I keep a shit load of dough if I don't got none then there is no hope (No hope)
Not a one zero zip zero nada
I got on designer clothes from this dope I'm wearin' product
So I gotta go and get some more to keep the city skinny
Everybody in the south is all about a pretty penny
We be winnin from the beginning while the others runnin slow
Keep the money comin' in I fire up and pass the dro

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
My supplies in demand so I weigh up 1000 grams (1000 grams)
I did that just to show you who I am (who I am)
I'm the pusherman movin' shit from hand to hand
If you want a truckload you gon' need a hundred grand
There are two kinds of dealers they don't work the same shift
One needs a bag the other needs a fuckin forklift
Warehouses full of drugs, trap houses full of thugs
Other houses full of guns, razor blades under the rug
Keepin' up with Sunday Times I deliver weekly
Got the best shit on the town and it ain't never cheap see
So you want my product better put all your money together
I supply it rain or shine this is bigger than the weather

[Chorus 2x]

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