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Some Other Shit - text


[Intro: Project Pat]
Yes sir hypnotized mutherfuckin minds my boy Lil Wyte about to put it down for you mutherfuckin hoe's just like this it's goin down bitch yeah
Lil Wyte (Lil Wyte)
Lil Wyte (Lil Wyte)
Hypnotize minds (Hypnotize minds)
It's goin down

[Chorus 4x]
Who you think you fuckin with
We be on some other shit
We be on, we be on, we be, we be on some other shit

[Verse 1]
This for them haters gone disrespectful when I see ya
I'm hoppin' out of a black two seata wit a heata and her nicknames Quetta
I got her in the hood yeah I talk a lot of shit but she back me up good
For one second don't forget trick I run this Memphis Tennessee we be on some Top Gun shit
Fly over your house M-16 and drop a bomb on it
We don't give a fuck we tryin to take out all your shit
And we some Titans Grizzlies and Tigers that Volunteer
To kill ya clean ya in a river throw you on a barbeque grill
So who da fuck you think your fuckin wit we be on some other shit
The stunna out the gutta started the south but watch the fuckin shit

[Chorus 4x]

[Verse 2]
I be on some dro and shit you be on some blow and shit
I'm rockin' shows around the globe and your still on some local shit
I can say sumimason kunichiwa can I get some yen?
That's Japanese for 'Excuse me hello can I get some money man?'
Can you do that? I don't think so, so go back to where you from hoe
I get dollars, Euros, Pecos and they come in by the truck load
I make CP you can't see me on these beats or in these streets
Cuz I toke heat and beef is beef and you will leak from head to feet
It's obvious that I'm harder than a majority of your favorite rappers
An underground phenomenal sensation and your papers what I'm after
So drop it off, drop it off bitch I got it sawed-off
I run wit a click so quick before you even try to think your ass gets hauled off

[Chorus 4x]

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