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So Called Homies - text


[Chorus 2x]
I've lost so many so called homies but that's okay
Since they gone I've realized they weren't my homies anyway
Cuz if they was it would be cool and everything would be straight
But see they ain't that's why I had to write this song about the fake

[Verse 1]
It all started in 2001 when I was signed to Hypnotize Minds
Now I gotta a mutherfuckin' line around my house
Everybody came to hang with Lil Wyte
I've always had a lot of friends but these were not your average nights
It'd be a Tuesday there'd be 16 people in my living room
And everybody had a blunt then we would all be feelin soon
A few of them lost their jobs cuz they couldn't pass a piss test
The others just got fired for tryin' to hang with me all day I guess
I worked my ass off once a year and get checks every three months
I ain't always had cheese shit I used to be on free lunch
And now we're in a recession and shit all my homies countin' change
Askin' me for money and if I ain't got it they all start lookin' strange

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
I've done everything I can for 99% of them
I fed their kids I've paid their bills and this the fuckin' thanks I get
I'm sick and tired of all your shit I'm bout to call it fuckin' quits
I'm not a billionaire I've never had a multi-platinum hit
So stop askin' me for everything unless it's good advice
I got plenty of that I spit the facts just tell me about your life
I ain't the one to burn your bridges with just so you know
I cut your water off and leave you shakin' cold on the flo'
I'm a nice guy but don't mistake my kindness for weakness
I've been this way since back in the day when I was on some street shit
You eat shit and shit lies and that's really the reason why
I don't fuck with ya anymore I can't believe I even tried

[Chorus 2x]

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