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[Verse 1]
Pull the dro out, break the dro down
Roll it up tight light it pass it all around
I do it all day I gotta stay high
If you say no to drugs then I have to say why?
At the age of 12 I was introduced to weed
Three years later, I started droppin hits of LSD
It's a hallucinogen you have to be careful when you take it
If you have an evil mind you might be conversation with Satan
And I've made it through the thick and thin Mary Jane remain my friend
Even though the times get hard she'll be with me till the end
Don't say no, it feels so much better to say yes
Here swallow these and put your measly body to the test

[Chorus 2x (Project Pat)]
I say yes (To drugs) [4x]
We don't just say no we too busy sayin' yeah [2x]

[Verse 2]
When you see me I be fuckin high I can touch the fuckin sky
Some of the shit I be on have me thinkin I can fuckin fly
But I'm not dumb enough to try and don't even ask me why
Fuck it I'm gonna go for it and find out if I'm superguy
Oxycontin, Xanex bars, Ambians, and Lara Taft
Will have you itchin scratchin every body part that you have
Make a call and get some more a day without them is a bore
Gotta have something in my system I'll take mine and even yours
I'm Lil Wyte the most known king of intoxication
Got some questionable pills let me see 'em before you take them
HCP we glorify the usage of illegal substance
Somebody gotta represent the regular people and I love it

[Chorus 2x]

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The Bad Influence

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