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[Hook x2: Lil Wyte]
Bitch I do this on some liquor, ho I do this on some weed
Bitch I do this on my downers, ho I do this on my speed
Bitch I do this for my fans, ho I do this for my team
And if I'm living in my dreams, I guess I do it in my sleep
[Verse 1: Lil Wyte]
My train of thoughts might slow down at times that I get restless
Sometimes I don't wanna write raps, and I question
What the fuck am I doing in this game? Is there a lesson?
Or am I just making a livin', preachin' as I'm stressin'
I've met about a million of my fans; shook hands,
And every one of them in their own way, has told me I'm the man
So I take that in consideration whenever I am writing
Let em' know that I'm two times stronger than 10 million bolts of lightning;
Striking the competition like the iron when I am scorching hot
I can do this shit super high on pills and weed, and drunk or not
Whenever I dropped Doubt Me Now, I was the first to talk about some pills
Now everybody getting their roll on and have leveled out the playing field.
[Hook x2: Lil Wyte]
[Verse 2: Lil Wyte]
Now that I've been around the block a time or two,
I've come to show 5d, but there's a million in my crew
Most of my clique consists of goons who can't afford the internet
So 75, 000 likes on Facebook ain't talkin' about shit
I've got a squad in every city that we visit,
{And Wyte Music ryders is what they're calling our business}
You fuck with me; or any other of my equal rankie's,
Watch your back everywhere you go cause you still gon' end up stankin'
Man they crazy; Wild as a motherfucker,
They smoke weed, drink liquor, pop rolls, and all the bad bitches are some bloodsuckers
They come from up under the gutter, and the roughest places you can be
And my favorite part every fuckin' one of em is they're just like me.
[Hook x4: Lil Wyte]

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