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[Chorus 2x]
We ball hard drink good smoke great and sleep late
Wake up and do it all again every fuckin day
We pull out all stops and we do it over the top
We pull out all stops and we do it over the top

[Verse 1]
We ball hard bitch from clean whips to vacations
If it's one thing I love it's a mutherfucka hatin
Nice homes and good dro is the only way to go
A V8 with the flows is the only way to roll
I pull out all stops whenever I decide to hit the town
If my tops dropped I'll be clowin' sippin on some crown
I put it down for Ten-A-Key if you don't know who I be
You've been livin under a rock my names W-Y-T-E
I'm a self-proclaimed pothead alcoholic and badass
And still got a future and a career out of it at last
I stack cash and spend it all on clothes, liquor, and dro
Pass out wake up and do it all over again and that's fo' sho' hoe

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
I've done it over the top, I've blown a whole lot of guap
It's funny I used to stock shelves and push around a mop
I'm takin ten thousand dollars ski trips all up in Colorado
My next mission is to stick my bitch up in the gwattle
She can pass for a bunny but she don't ask for no money
So if she needin' some I toss a fuckin stack to my honey
Cuz it's not an object just some paper sittin in my pocket
As long as I rock there will be more paper in my pocket
And I'll never stop it I got too much fire in my blood
And fire as blood is floatin through my head and my lungs
I rep my hood like TIP said I smoke good and drink good
Then ball hard and fall a fuckin sleep just like your ass should

[Chorus 2x]

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