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All Kinds Of Drugs - text

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[Young Buck:]
Turn the music and the mic up
Don't do drugs kids, give em to me, hahaha
It's Young Buck, Lil Wyte what it do homie
Oh we drinking? I'm drinking and I'm smoking
Let's go
[Hook: Young Buck and Lil Wyte]
My LA niggas pay me bud, I'm on all kind of drugs
My Houston homies pour me mugs, I'm on all kind of drugs
Atlanta niggas pay me pills, I'm on all kind of drugs
I'm on all kind of drugs, Tennessee is where it is
Let's go
All kind of drugs
Let's go
All kind of drugs
Let's go
All kind of drugs
I'm on all kind of drugs [x2]
[Verse 1: Lil Wyte]
I'm riding round and I get it, like 2 Chainz I spit it
Now I'm back on my buck shit cruising around the ville looking for a chicken
When I'm in ATL I'm pilled out, fucking off with the twins and em
High five to the Slum Americans Yelawolf and Rittz and Eminem
In LA I got Juicy J, you know where he took me straight to the plug
In the ville, I got Young Buck, Charlie P, and Jelly, free Young Strut
In Texas I got Chingo Bling, Slim Thug and Bun B
With a pocket full of pills and a cup full of lean and some weed
I can show you where the fun be
I made it cool to talk about pills
I'm on the roof with a bottle right now
They don't make Oxycotton no more, but they got enough to last you awhile
Everybody pipe down thought I was dead I might be by tonight I don't give a fuck
It's W.Y.T.E still what they see and I'm still on kinds of drugs
[Verse 2: Young Buck]
Everything look blurry, I got on all my jewelry
I'm in the court room gone off kush fuck the judge and jury
Fuck it shit my Memphis voice (Cause I'm the King) you heard me
Bad bitch bricks in the porch they did it, you feel me
I'm scarred up and I'm barred out and my coupe green, but my pills blue
My blue jeans them new true I'm on the same shit you use
Bird niggas go kuku my krille bitch she know voodoo
Do anything I tell her to do, she pour it back like glue crew
My high kicking in I'm with the shit
Jack Daniels getting lite
These Loratabs they kings bitch
I'm about to go ham real quick
A 100 pounds I still get it all kinds of kush that real shit
Hey Wyte I really did right I might be too much for you to deal with
[Verse 3: Lil Will]
Errybody wasted taking shots, no chasing
Lil Wyte got em drinking out the bottle going crazy
And I'm posted in the back with a blunt stain in rotating
40 packs of XIs and a couple bitches naked
I'm so faded yeah I'm spit like bust it open for me baby
If we get there it be fun, but that's only if we make it
You'll be Charlie on the molly, but that's only if you take it
Now you feel like you mutating plus my car looks like a spaceship
You work day shift, but it's midnight and we still up in this bitch
We done popped a couple of bottles took some pills up in this bitch
Always laughing like I'm David Copperfield up in this bitch
Snorting coke up off these strippers titties only cause we in this bitch

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