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[Chorus 1: Lil' Wyte]
Well I've been trippin' for 10 hours on 3 hits of liquid microdot (I'm on acid - acid)
Gettin' chased around the car by some midgets in the parking lot (I'm on acid - acid)
Feedin' doritos to a tree, a million spiders after me (I'm on acid - acid)
I'm runnin' around havin' a fit, on myself I'm about to shit (I'm on acid - acid)

[Lil' Wyte]
could you imagine feelin' all calm then all of the sudden your fingers get numb?
feet start freezin', what is the season?
where we at? and why we leaving?
Trees are shrinkin', turnin' plants to roots and roots back into seeds
And clowns are changin', comin' at me, different directions now I'm freakin'
Toes are rakin', body shakin'
Mane, I thought it was some crack
Called the fire department, told 'em I had a flame upon my back
This shit's crazy, plus enable, razors dancing on the table
There's the horse, we got a horse, yeah we do and I've seen the stable
Quit your flaugin, I ain't flaugin
Got a beat in who you're talking to
I'm talking to you talking to me
Listenin' 'cause I have you and I have to
Be kinda smart to even catch that
I might be trippin' but the pimpin' grippin' gotta spit that
With no expectancy I made a party from a robbery
Accidentally, kicked then tripped the thief when he had ran by me
Fuck police, we're gonna sentence this trick here to LSD
50 shot of purple microdot you will be gone a week

[Chorus 2: Lil' Wyte]
20-20 vision blur and can't even feel the syrup (I'm on acid - acid)
I can smoke a pound of dro, drink myself under the floor (I'm on acid - acid)
Put the straw up to your nose, take the blow straight to your dome (I'm on acid - acid)
You passin' out in my front yard, throwin' up on Xanax bars (I'm on acid - acid)

[Lil' Wyte]
Well, I wishing I was sober, feel the shit from head to shoulders
This ain't even halfway over, it's the part I'm waiting to show you
Laughin' long time like hyenas, laughed a long time at vienas
In the can or out the can they still look like a can a penis
I'm the meanest, acid-taking, down-south-cracker on the mic
Change start crankin', got you thinkin', good trip gonna turn to a fright
Bubble popping, trails are watchin', foes done cross the fuckin' room
A dog came in the den and made a mess and then asked for the broom
Now I'm about hit the sack 'cause I can't take this shit no more
Relax my mind, take a deep breath and let my head sink in pillow
Take a seven hour nap, wake up seven minutes later
This the greatest drug the seventies is ever fucking gave us
Yes it's major don't be playin' - when you drop it will hit you
If it's gel caps or liquid - microdots yes I'm with you
And I'm flippin' cross the Roll, visual contact lightning globe
The space ship I'm flying landed in the Bay - I have to go

[Chorus 3: Lil' Wyte]
By now, I'm weak in some pain and my body's feeling drained (I'm on acid - acid)
Comin' down upon my trip and my skin's about rip (I'm on acid - acid)
I'll probably sleep till Thursday and it's only Sunday (I'm on acid - acid)
Wakin' up on that Thursday to have another Saturday (I'm on acid - acid)

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