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The Awakening - text


Look At Me, I'm A Bringer Of Death
Trust In Me, I Demand Your Respect
Dark Wings That Softly Beat
My Facade Is Now Complete
I'm Angelic In Your Eyes
No Hint Of Malice In My Smile
Your Spirit Now Is Soaring
You See Christ In All His Glory

I Was Cast Down From Above
My Revenge Is Steeped In Blood
Into The City Of The Saints

On The Dawn Of That First Day
When Man First Walked The Land
Moulded By Gods Righteous Hand
I Swore My Bloody Fued
I Felt Hate That Would Consume

Carry Me, On A Wave Of Emotion
Sing To Me, A Sonnet Of Devotion
You Lay Worship At My Feet
You Sacrificed Your Mystery
It Comes As No Surprise
I Now Reveal My Darker Side
There's Terror In Your Heart
You're My Children Of The Night

Come With Me, Before The Light Of The Morning
Give To Me, The Faith That I Am Restoring
I Made Your Life Complete
I Drew You In With Blind Deceit
Look At Me, I'm The Bringer Of Death
Trust In Me, I Command Your Respect
The Promise That I Made
As With Time The Memories Fade
The Intensity Is Gone
I Take My Leave My Work Is Done
Look At Me, I'm A Bringer Of Death
Trust In Me, I Demand Your Respect

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