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Death Of Innocence - text


You Hear The Creaking On The Stairs
The Blood Is Pounding In Your Ears
Grotesque Shadows On The Wall
The Handle Turns On Your Bedroom Door

Your Bodies Shaking You Stifle A Scream
You Hide Your Face Underneath The Sheets
There's No Escape Eyes Shut Tight
You Pray For The Morning An End To The Night

You Hear The Warning On The Radio
It's Not Safe To Be Alone
He's On The Fringes Of Your Dreams
You Hear The Warning On The Radio
Now He's Clawing At Your Door
You Can't Speak........You Just Scream

A Flash Of Steel You're Crying In Pain
You Plead For Mercy It's To Late
You See His Face Is Maniacal Smile
A Glint Of Madness In His Eyes

You Hear The Creaking On The Stairs
You Turn On The Light There's Nobody There
Shivers Run Cold Down Your Spine
The Darkness Plays Tricks With Your Mind

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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