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Wide at Midnight - text

Light legs like films played backwards
Exchanging what we're seeing
Feline eyes wide you are my
Only reason to keep breathing
The hope to sleep in heaven's arms
And wake up naked clinging on
To last evening's magazines
To dry your hair and make you clean
I slept nothing like a rock
Just perched up wasting daylight
I want your swaying to stop
Maybe in the morning you can heal my eyesight
Feline eyes wide at midnight
Keep away from this active breeding
Of dogs like men of masculinity used it briefly
Maybe she'll cry to pieces
Piece by piece
Peace you're freezing
The first time you came over I
Watched you so composed on a wire
Then drank you up like summer wine
I watched it flow out your mouth
One time you were my shadow
Love hold it when you're sleeping
You own it oh yeah
Love cut it up, bleeding
You saw your needs
You were saying you would leave
You saw your leads
You would never leave

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