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When. Ohh deciding to trust you
By always accepting the risk and the fears
Feelings are gone
Feelings are molten
Run down and flee
Drip down
My stolen dreams
And just while I'm mourn for
For the loss the rejoicing
All the vast atmosphere
You are gone
Sliding out
Seemingly endless
Tear down my dreams
So the move just came in
For an avalanche
A backyard of time
Is behind is behind
And the so called truth
Narrow balance
Love is on a ridge
Ooh revitalize
We're denying as long
As we can't see the truth
Bare to us
But deception
Stare down discharge
Time to move in
Only my way
Just without you
No it wasn't easy
But I felt that is all done well for me
Fought for myself
Break for a new hope
That won't die anymore
And the wild turn
Giving me strength
Giving me strength

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