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Too Right - text


Verse 1]
It rises up in the evening
An invisible motorcade
I behave as if eyes are on me
And a force I must obey
If it's truth then you want me to prove it
So I'm still as a dead honeybee
And I cry for love like a baby
And my baby feeds it to me

[Chorus 1]
I live in terror of it
Happens all the time
Contentment is no limit time

[Verse 2]
I can wire myself to believe it
Like the shock of the afterbrain
And I switched my mind to receive it
Since the day you knew my name
The absence of light should amaze me
But it's dark out every night
And my energy not what it should be
Cause you put me a bit too right

[Chorus 2]
I live in terror of it
It is by design
Inevitable it is time

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