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Mary Is Mary - text


We left a 'maybe' for the cold heart
And they found a body in my backyard
I leave for the country just like you did
But he's not in the country, just look how you live

And all high and mighty, what do you know?
And there is no greater to despair on
And Mary is Mary and I'm not
But what, what good does she have that I have gone?

And one head is lesser than the two heads
But we know the thoughts that go unsaid
And I'm left alone in my own home
Where all that I own is not my own

And all sleeping giants, why do you lie?
Behind the eyes of who I love the best
And is there another where you do keep
The pain of another where my arms sleep

And all high and mighty, what is your game?
Can we learn to live with so much loss?
And you say that we end where we all go
But all high and mighty, what do you know?

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