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If Children Were Wishes - text


If children were wishes,
My mother spent hers on impossible things
My brother was money,
My sister was love, and I was world peace

My brother, he spent it,
My sister got pregnant, and all that I'm worth
Will only come true
When there are no more of us left on this earth

If hearts were machines that kept
Running forever automatically,
Then you wouldn't be in that
Hospital bed, on that saline I-V

And if it's your diet, you stubbornly swear
That it wasn't your fault,
You rather be dead in that hospital bed
Than cut back on sugar and salt

Oh, aren't you afraid of
Living in a major American city,
So marry a stupid,
Unreachable girl who's impossibly pretty

And I've seen you drive everyday of your life,
And it's always a rush,
And I have to wonder
How I ever let you do something so dangerous

And so I suppose this is
Just how it goes no matter how I try,
I just have to watch you get
Weaker and weaker till you finally die

But I have to remember
The wish of my mother and all that I'm worth,
Which will only come true
When there are no more of us left on this earth

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If Children

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