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Fire and Rain is my favorite song
I say a prayer at 11:11
I could watch old movies all night long
I'm not sure about hell but I know there's a heaven
Sometimes at feel so alone it scares me
I talk in my sleep but there's no one to hear me


I don't want to be unknown
The little things that make me who I am
I need to share
I need to know that someone cares
That I drink coffee black
That I sing when I drive
That I sleep with the TV on
More then anything
I don't want to be unknown

I love September when leaves turn gold
I get nervous in crowed places
Someday I want to see San Francisco
I'm bad with names, but remember faces
I need more then a kiss, more then a lover
I'm a world that's waiting to be discovered

[Repeat Chorus:]

That I write down my dreams
That I love when it rains
I burn candles when I'm alone
More then anything
I don't want to be unknown
More then anything
No one wants to be unknown

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Chely Wright texty

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