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Last night, I went out with some old friends
I couldn't help but to think of you again
Someone was wearing your cologne
What a cruel way to remind me that your gone

A couple danced over by the jukebox
Hand in hand, I thought they'd never stop
They played out song again and again
How could anyone be so insensitive


They're laughing at me
I just know it
As if they knew all along I'd blow it
Everywhere I turn, something reminds me of the way things were
I love you, I lost you, I know what a fool I've been
And it seems like the whole world keeps rubbin' it in

Every time I turn on the TV
I comer across one of our favorite movies
A love story that ends in a kiss
How'd the cable company get in on this

I swear I pass your car when I'm on the highway
Since when did everyone drive red Chevrolets
it never really is your car
I think some people are taking this a little too far

[Repeat chorus twice]

Yeah it seems like the whole world keeps rubbin' it in

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Chely Wright texty

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