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Last night you came home late
You tried to tiptoe in
I sat here for hours
Wondering where you've been
You ran into an old friend
And you just lost track of time
When you told me that there was something
About the twinkle in your eye


So I just laughed it off
It's no big deal
It's a scratch I know
Tomorrow you're gonna heal
It's the easiest thing I could have done
When you love someone for the long run
For the long run

I know I'm no angel
You know that's the truth
There's no need to remind me
Of all that we've been through
But the good times keep on coming
And the bad ones ain't so bad
And the worst that ever happens
Is still the best I've ever had


One thing that you've taught me
That I never knew before
No one ever loses
If no one's keeping score


When you love someone
Who's in it for the long run

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Chely Wright texty

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