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Sacrifice - text


There's a price we pay
Cross the line
Between give and take
Stand and flight
Victory we pray
Do or die
Sacrifice today

Wrong or right
There's a price to pay
Live your life
'Til your dying day
Stand and fight
Glory to the brave
Live or die
Never fade away

Courage answers the call
It's all for one for all
Rise above the enemy
And set the spirits free

Stardust clouding our eyes
Victims of desire
All our lives we walk behind
And through the sacrifice

Open thine eyes and see
Unleash yourself for thee
We see the soldier in time
Fighting for their lives
For those that may hide
In shadows of the night
Do we decide what's wrong
And what is right
While hiding behind the sacrifice

Open your eyes to me
The circle becomes complete
In the garden of the gods
They're gathering the lost
Where victory is won
The silent soul lives on
Children of the sun pay the final cost
Believing the spirit will carry on
Through sacrifice

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