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In Those Eyes - text


She the essence of all things
Beautiful and real
Sentimental images
Awakened from my dreams

I can't look away
Yet I know not what to say
My heart is paralysed
When I see her in those eyes

Long before this world turned cold
We were meant to be
We were true love, we were one
In perfect harmony

No I won't turn away
There's so much we need to say
The soul of paradise
Is what I see there in those eyes

Time has scattered to the wind
Dreams and memories
Ancient whispers, come to pass
Certain mystery

So we must walk away
Though there's so much we want to say
A distant place and time
Come to life and left to die

And so she turns away
And in the silence that remains
My soul is crucified
Love and pain, one in the same
Having seen her in those eyes

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