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The peaks of our past will withstand the test of time
Magnificent aspects of nature adored
With affection we peer across our untouched lands
Within every man lies a deep fire burning
Stories told, stories lied, that which we can not hide
I let the river run it's course through my veins
Wherein lies the beauty which rekindle our hearts
Each step throughout wondrous seasons explored
Over perpetual snow we walk with vie and servitude
The mountain is our king, the wind our queen
Our stories have no choice
So listen to the tempest's voice
A flicker on our ancestral shore
and there was nothing more
As the smoke recedes
Unveiling our futile deeds
A walk across divine collapse
We wander as centuries elapse
The memories we thought we had
are just fragments of what used to be
Fruitlessly searching along the banks
for someone or something that can not be
The last light dims away, as do our tale
A slow descend into the waters of null
The glow we had within is what we gave
What we found will forever remain lost

Text přidal Baphomet

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