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Techkinox Wormhole - text


Quantum effects breaking the law of ancient chronology
Protectors accelerated brane encounter
Voxel core
New mutation arises
Bio-technological brain
Trapped in a region
Ever decreasing size
I accept what happens
In the negative energy
Virtual particles opposite way
Wrapping space-time
Enormous tension for the voxel
Biological evolution euclidean geometry
Broke down x
Biological evolution euclidean geometry
Survival advantage
Along the rotation axis
Last cosmic rays touch the brane
Partially responsible for my genetic mutation
Falling outside the physical singularity
Traversable type wormhole
Forever through time and spaces
Would remain on the horizon
Dragging inertial frames assigned
Photons scattered
I leave behind me a sea of radiation in a universe without dark matter
Percolation: void universe emerges
The conspectus: entered data in the future falling outside

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