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Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity - text


Unfathomably distant
I have reached the borderlands
There isn't any reason to stay here
Temporarily obscured moving into the shadow
The axis is far as the eye can reach
This eternal hush aligned vectors
Eclipsing my binary system
I see the metaverse
Black cosmos near ergosphere
Angular momentum
Angular momentum
Propagating energy of this rotating black hole
It's still possible for the voxel
Create a new structure
For escape from the gravitational pull
Experiencing the infinite
The active galactic nuclei no longer exists
Feeding the propellant with the gamma ray bursts
Afterglow colliding detected
By the eukaryotic intelligence
It has the same chromosomes and DNA estructure
No time to analyze this obstacle creating the portal
Rapid brightening followed by gradual fading
On this apparent horizon of infinity
The black hole stop its collapse and re-expand
Through his geometry flow incompressible fluid
Supersonic speed
This machinery is not ready for this speed
Computing hypermagnetic spectrum

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