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Multivectorial Reionization - text


Scatter electrons dark ages reversion
This is a bad age for the solar system
And for this opaque universe
Neutral hydrogen lights
Spectral absorption lines atomic transition changes
High temperatures
Prevention disaster failed
Human vulnerability
Inappropriately managed risk
Supercluster of 200 billion stars
Brane distortion
Impossible resilience cosmos severity
Another big-bang is near
Perceived a black halo
Of those who try to escape
Inverted nucleosyntesis
Destroying all structures formed once in time
Dominated by ionized plasma
A new epoch of reonization
Sectioning the four-quadrant section
He knew it would happen
He was ready for this
The ship begins the vortex mitosis
Antimatter chargers are now full of energy
Proteomic spec-trometer
Warns controlled multiple and guided disintegration
I take a chance to redirect the ship
Avoid this sea of quarks and gluons
Lengths beyond Planck scale
Fluctuations. Disturbances
Darkening inflation on a complex limbo
Unidentified infrared emission

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