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Molecular Winds - text

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Triggered by supernovae
Primordial plasma
Dominated by a different form of dark energy
Collapsing dying from the inside out to violent
Metamerism . Overestimation
Ab Initio . Raw materials
Biofuel . Quantum chemistry methods
Exothermicities . Positional selectivity of the abstraction process
Quantum barrier . Phenomenologically
Electronic near-degeneracies
Permanently mounted assemblers: conveyor belts
Femtosecond laser-etched: exhausted their fuel
Nanostructures: destroyed
Proton half-life
Collisions between stellar remnants
Absolute zero: quantum tunneling
Subatomic particles
Intelligent information processing
Driving pulses
Amplitude decreases
Transition state
Primordial era
A stars collector
A call from the cosmic horizon
Consumed: black hole
Modifying the shape of the galaxy itself
Intergalactic voyage
Intergalactic colonisation
A call from the cosmic horizon
Gravitational damaging force.

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