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Diamonds in the night
Rocking thos groove together
Right round, jump around
This could last forever
Soldiers of the heart
Fighting for the right
To party, hold on
Won't be long
If you want to sing along
Here we go now
Everybody you've got
To groove
It's just like me and you
Like one and one makes two
Everybody, everybody
It's time to groove
This is your chance
for letting go
You've got to feel the body heat
Let the rythm
Find more similar
Find your feet, yeh
Lovers in the night
Waking up strangers
in the morning
But it's calling to me
Come back
And we can do it all again
Summers on the beach,
heaven is there
Just got to reach out
Sream and shout
This it what it's all about
Here we go now, wow wow
Everybody - Chorus
Move your body to the sound
Shout out loud
And stamp around
Everybody should sing
along, wow wow
Everybody - Chorus

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