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Didn't We Say - text


Didn't we say didn't we
Reaching out girl
I feel nothing but the cool sheets baby
Just ain't right now
What have we done
Just two weeks
Girl I can't believe
We both agree

I think about you all the time
Feel I'm gonna lose my mind
I know it's only tuesday
But it feels like eternity
What can I say, this ain't the way

Didn't I say that we would be forever
Didn't you say that we would always be
Didn't we promise that we'd never ever
Do what we're doing
So what d'you say
We stop right here right now

Didn't we say, didn't we

Perfume lingers on my jacket that ¨
I never got to wear, girl
How I wish for you to claim it again
You always call me
Just when you know I won't be home
Leave a message hope I'm well
I know you feel the same way girl
Let's have a sweet surrender
And hurt ourselves no more
Never took long to show we were wrong

Maybe this was meant to be
(Absence makes the heart grow fonder)
The truth is always there to see
(The last few days have left us stronger)
Mad enough to prove our love
Look at how the two of us feel the pain
This is insane (insane)

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