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Reignite the sky
And outshine the stars
The end of repentance has come
So let us travel to a new world
Into the incandescent everbright

We are children born of a abhorrent civilization laid to waste
No, We will not stay here
For we shall not bear our forefathers' loss

This is our requiem to darksome days
Our epitaph to misery
So let us forsake these lands' sullen shores
The sky is ours and forever will be

Down heartened souls
Haunt these timeworn cityscapes
But I sense a spark of hope
Whilst we stand with dignity

Illuminate the path that leads away from here
Finally the reign of light may come

Reignite our sleeping sun
The nova of a star yet gone
New faith found with a god in each of us

Follow the celestial guide
Into endless fields of light
Towards a sun shining for each of us

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