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The Wood Of Suicides - text

Who am I? Why an I?
This makes no sense, I must have closure
Do I live? Have I died?
This senseless feeling covers over
What I am, what I've done
All I've known, what I've become
I can't recall a thing from past
Just fog and distant braying in the dark
As I wander through forgotten planes
Of intrigue and remorse
A sorrow grips my tortured voice
Impained from this discourse
Lamenting shades of ancient grey
Enveloping my soul
Discovering the darker sin
Within my mind's control
Unravelling my septic will
This fog of fury past
Proceeds without so much respect
To tear my smokescreen sanctuary apart
Cold winds blow through twisted trees
Gnarled limbs claw desperately
Towards an unyielding night sky
And still I wander
Thoughtlessly devoid through
And hopelessly lost in despair
There is nothing, I am nothing
I need nothing but to understand..
These roads, they say, aren't safe to travel
Enwreathed in fog by day
The restless spirit wanders nightly
Cursed and left asunder
Frightening apparitions
Haunting prelibations
Damning, occult fascinations
Dangerous affiliations..
.. be wary.
Denouncing convictions and claiming no threat
How little this means in complete retrospect
Yet the tolling of bells from an unknown position
Betrays all hope of refuge from boundless suspicion
This is all that's left of me..
Those I find, the ones that dare
To penetrate the forest air
In luring through seductive flair
I'll take them
From pasts unknown, as is my own
I care not to pursue, their only worth to me
Is in their wisdom still
I'll take them
To my nightmare world, my endless dream
My frightening realm of fog and screams
Where terrors mount and horrors breed
In skinless, rotting corpse strewn heaths
They will hep me understand..
.. you will help me understand.

Text přidala Lucipher69

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Wood Of Suicides


Wood Of Suicides texty

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