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Bieber Fever - text


Hey mama, I think I have a fever... a Bieber fever
I had a dream last night that he was gonna marry me
And we'd raise a family
We'll adopt ten Bieber babies
And drive the other girls crazy
But wait not until I...

Go to college
Get knowledge
Drive a car
Be a star
Make time stop
Do kidz bop
See the world
Be a girl

Bieber fever
Bi, Bi Bieber fever (x4)

Make me a...
Fashion line
Turn back time
Write a bill
Meet ol pill
Learn first aid
See the glades
Learn to cook
Write a book

Bieber fever
Bi, Bi, Bieber fever(x4)

But wait there's more
Can't be before I...

Win a grammy
Buy miami
Save the trees
Sail the seas
Feed the poor
Stop a war
Dance like mike
Everest hike
Rule the world
Then I'm your girl

Bieber fever
Bi, Bi Bieber fever(x4)

So you see Justin
I have a lot to do
Until I marry you

But you know I'm worth the wait
So in 20 years we've got a date

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