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So Augustine Won Some Wars... - text


There is one way to find resolution
It is in the art of war
Grace come clear a path through all this wreckage
Peace is a sacrifice that we must all make
Because we feel the wrath of when we say that
We say we want peace
We want war
Though we love conflict
So we pray like Augustine for a resolution
amidst our revolution overruling
To reconcile
You're scared to death

Time heals all wounds don’t overlook the cost
If you got what you want would you know?
Attack on the sheep you know the wolves deceive
Governed by hate
Do you even know what you love?
Love will stir the waters and with it closure
The wolves attack when we least expect it
They will not stop till we all fall
To bring those who falter back to a place
Where we say we want peace
Though we love conflict
So we pray for lighter burdens without asking
For stronger backs in this battle
To reconcile
You’re scared to death

He made a promise that would be restored
And then we'll have our day

They attack and we'll open up the door
Seas through the world
With the assault soon all will fall
Crashing so fiercely
He will wage war on the wicked
Wolves attack us
Then I will be fully restored
Facing their bites
Will you face them?

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