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One mans trash is another mans lover, death becomes her, death becomes her.
When I was a kid I always did as I was told
Come a long little daddy cause your dinners getting cold
But cold is how I want it like choosy mothers choosing jiff
Choosy Daddy chooses ladies when there totally stiff
So when I'm done with her body packed up back in the garage
Running this whole fandango like I'm Charles in charge
In the oceans of my love the canals run red
Even though she wasn't talking how was I to know she was dead?
It doesn't matter now I want to keep what I have got
Its just a simple matter of waste not want not
One mans trash is another mans lover, death becomes her...death becomes her
One mans trash is another mans lover, death becomes her...death becomes her!
Once upon a time in a grave not so shallow
Met the girl of my dreams full figured but hallow
And I'm not saying she's stupid or she's even dumb
But they take the organs out when its time to embalm
She's got a bad case of crouch rot but I still think she's hot
Pulling off her fingers, do you love me or love me not?
In either case you know you mean the world to me
Cause I never met a girl I dug so deeply
I'm not sick, twisted, misguided or misled
When it comes to a lover I prefer mine dead
I drug my girl out the inner city gutter
Looked like she was hacked by a crazy wood cutter
Threw her in a freezer to keep her ass fresh
Cause two weeks ago she started shedding flesh
She's stiff as a board, but easy to nail
So what if she moves slower than a fuckin' snail
She ain't the finest girl, but she sure is mine
Looks kind of sick and she don't smell fine
She's turning kind of green, she's been dead for some time
But the best thing about her she's the cheapest date you'll find
I really like her body but I really love the gore
The best part about it all is when she's starting to thaw
I tried to take her to the movies but they wouldn't let us in
What I consider love at first site most confuse as sin
I told her once before to not be running thru the door
She should listened up the first time now she's dripping threw the floor
But that's ok I like em wet for one last time
Can't you see she ain't complaining so there ain't no crime
Fear my arrival but instead you fear the reaper
Next time you loose a loved one you better put 'em six feet deeper
I know it's illegal but its a passion crime
Spaded shovel in the left hand in the right some wine
And I get this funny feeling like you know that I'm here
Cause I like my bush cold like you like your beer
It's kind of weird but I think that it got worse
I knew I was in trouble when my first car was a hearse
In other words I recycle the dead
Cause its waste not want not like daddy said
Or is it finders keepers losers weepers
If I can't find the body then I'll just dig deeper
Deader the better any way you choose
The living can cheat in which case you loose
You point at me and you call me a freak
But with this girl I reached my se**** peak
She oozes sometime but that's ok
A new lubrication every single day
Bought her a great present for Christmas this year
A vanilla car freshener to dangle from her ear
Cops have caught on had to throw her body out
It was the saddest day in history I had to scream and shout
(Chorus till end)

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