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Surrounded by Fimbulwinter - text

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In the wake of the Gale, we are nearing to the Coastline
where we separate from the Fleet, there we'll camp on the Upland.
According to the Marking on our Maps,
behind this Glacial Plateau,
The Cove of Hypervoreia should be within our Sight,
The Tale of our Destiny, still Untrodden by Human Intruders.
Our ship will anchor here while the U-boats will sail submerged,
trying to hold a Strategic Position.
We climb the frostbitten Harsh Walls, to se our base on the top.
The Weather changes as we ascend through the Mists.."
The Frozen Cliffs are covered by the forces of Men,
penetrating the Perpetual fog...
Underneath, the Enormous Dark Waves crash upon the Shore.
Cold Winds loudly sweeping the Top,
howling like the Wolves to the Moon.
Soldiers blindly walk through the Cruel Cyclone,
searching for Shelter in the Heart of the Snowstorm.

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