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Laying To Rest
And Summon The Death With Profound And Fierce Fire
Cleanse The Soul In The Blaze Of The Ancient Wrath
Searing Grave
Black Flames From The Void Tear Through The Pyre
From Fire To Embers With Strength I Burn
Resurrection Of The Fallen
Into The Lifeless Lands Of The North
From The Abyss From The Core
From The Depths Of The Damnation
The Infernal Regions
I Was Reborn Into The Coldest Dawn
The Coldest Of Them All
Once Departed And Reawakened
I Carry The Mark Of The 4th Rider
Of The Pale Horse
The Bringer Of Death Upon The Earth
I Was Brought Back With A Coal Black Soul
My Heart Beats Still Forevermore
In The Flames Of The End I've Been Reborn

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