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Winter - text


We move like smoke through the room
Buried down, don't make a sound
Your fingertips shutting your mouth

Enemies are waiting at our door
They have not forgotten what we've
Done to them, the night before

Our ghosts follow every step we move
They know we won't make it 'til the evening

They sing "Are we dead?"
Singing "Are we dead?"
Singing "Are we dead?"

The sky is red
My bones are aching
My wounds are bleeding
My knees are kneeling

Please, Lord
Please, Lord
Deliver us

"Are we dead?"
Singing "Are we dead?"
Singing "Are we dead?"

Singing "Are we dead?"
Singing "Are we dead?"

And they're falling back down
Lay my grave with me, my love
We'll die side by side, hand in hand
And our ghosts follow us in the winter

And the winter is taking us down
And the wind is blowing snow in our bodies
And she's opening the woodwork
And she's sealing us inside

To remain there, as a secret
For some other lifetime
And she's opening the woodwork of urn
She's sealing us inside

I don't care, just take my hand
Oh, just take my hand
And die with me, my love

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