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a bottle of beer and a roach in your mouth
breathing in deep - love your lungs getting numb
put a pill on your tongue – sniff some coke
unconscious and wasted - choking on the smoke
hating yourself, you're living life on the fast lane
no sane mind, instead you're trying to kill pain
assumed habits of a violent culture keep you down
cause sorrows that will make you drown

I have the guts to say no!
I am not a part of it anymore - count me out!

poluting your mind to escape reality
a deal with the devil - shaking the reapers hand
selling your soul to outstrip the realness
escaping liability - blinkers can't face the facts

escapism - a wrecking ball that rebounds
shape of indifference - diggin your own fucking grave
we all suffer reality
no matter - how hard you try to numb your brain

Text přidala Carolecz

Video přidala vicky_core

Stray from the path

WOLF x DOWN texty

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