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there was a time we made 5 fingers to a fist
friends who tried to change dark days for the better
we used to spend nights of war on the summer streets
allies who made a stab to break away from the fetter

time flies! you're all grown up - I'm vehement
still can't believe you didn't mean to fight those fights
you changed - as if all was youth rebellion
I'll stay a kid - even if I walk alone through these nights

I'm a dagger
I'm poison
I'm variance
I'm a loving embrace -

for those who fight back and stand against
for those who stray away from the path
for those who feel the fire
and carry the new world in their hearts

back to back -
reached hands, clenched fists
we stick together -
revolt, rebel, resist!

Text přidala Carolecz

Video přidala vicky_core

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