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Baring Teeth - text


I got caught up in lies -
false promises of a better life
the claws of the beast
are holding me tight
don't wanna lose myself
don't wanna fall in line
my mouth is filled with blood
I'm trying to speak but it shuts me up
I won't be wrapped around your
dirty finger any longer

getting lost in the shuffle
trained to function properly
with your baring teeth
you're ripping me apart
I won't unlearn to live
I'll never fall in line
tied to others ambitions
controlled by commitments we've been forced
I wont be wrapped around your
dirty finger any longer

I cut the strings of authority
no gods no masters - I'd rather be free
no swayer no prayer - I want to be me
I insist to offend hypocrisy

Text přidala Carolecz

Video přidala Carolecz

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