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The things that you want
Baby I don't need
Forget my number, girl
Don't call me
Cause I can't live - your emergencies
We jumped the wrong track
We got on the wrong train
Crash landed down on lover's lane
Got me tossin' and turnin'
Like a feather in a hurricane
I ain't coming back to you
For 99 reasons
I'm 99 worlds away
This time I'm gonna see it through
With 99 reasons, I'm 99 worlds from here
99 worlds away - 99 -
I'll be 99 worlds from here
There's only one way out
On a dead end street
Drownin' in trouble
And baby I can't breathe
Too much of nothin'
Walls closing in on me
There ain't nothin' left
To hold on to
When it's love on the rocks
There's nothin' much we can do
Don't come lookin' for me baby
My heart 's a 1000 miles away

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