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The Cold Heart of the Stone - text

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Green Street, full of memories
Wild hearts, doing what they please
I remember the funky old place where we used to stay
We played all night, we slept all day
We'd set 'em up, we'd shoot 'em down
There was something lost, there was something found
And it kept us going as we stood alone
In the cold heart of the stone
Boston, angels walkin' 'round
Blue nights, hearing every sound
And every night was like poetry
It always is when you're runnin' free
The songs we sang used to float and hang
In the side street clubs you'd see anything
As we raced ahead for a world ahead
To the cold heart of the stone
Radio blast from the past
Can make you feel so alone
Time is a knife, it cuts up your life
It cuts up your life and it's gone
Every night was a Fool's Parade
We'd get so lost in the plans we made
We'll crack it up, we'll break it down
We'll feel the fire burnin' up the town
And we'll lift it all right down to the bone
To the cold heart of the stone
To the cold heart of the stone
To the cold heart of the stone
To the cold heart of the stone

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Fool's Parade

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