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Midnight and you're not around
Grab the late night train from town
Choking in the smoking car
Know a restless soulful song
Me, I like long rides, got time besides
Time to think a few things through
And each mile takes me further from Blue Avenue
Back in town, I'm on my feet
Walking East on Houston Street
Passing heads I used to turn
Looking like they'll never learn
See I don't want bars or shooting stars
It's a tunnel that I've been through
And I'm never goin' back to Blue Avenue
Blue Avenue, where time moves much too slow
Blue Avenue, where love won't let me let you go
Blue Avenue, where time moves too slow
Blue Avenue, where love won't let me let you go
Blue Avenue
Hoo! Blue Avenue
And all we've been through, Oh girl I won't
Get stuck on Blue Avenue. Cause baby you
Know I still want you, Oh (Blue Avenue)
And late at night sometimes, I feel like calling you
But I know it ain't gonna do any good (Blue Avenue)
And if all our hearts been through, we're on Blue Avenue
Oh! Still need you

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